12 April 2018

You Know First President Of India Bank Balance.....?


 By the time of the death  the first President of India, Babu Rajendra Prasad. Bank account balance is     Rs 1432. With the honor of him, the Punjab National Bank still does not close that account.
After birth, the cat was not visible to Kittens(their babies) and also didn't heard. They can react as mother's voice can act as physical signals.
In lemon sugar levels are higher than strawberry     ( soooo sweeeet )

Did you know that first person of  landing on the MOON he is Neil Armstrong, but he is use left leg on landing time of the moon.............    ( crazy thing na..).

 Put one(1) number and add hundred(100) zeros then which number will came that number can be called GOOGOL. This is based on the popular search engine can be called 'google'.

                The averagely 1,25000(approximately) hairs grows on the human head. Per day 45 (approximately) was lose. If we didn't lose and cut hair......each hair will be increase to 9.14 meters.

  In 1964, one person 264 hours 12 minutes he didn't sleep and set a new record his name was Randy Gardner. Then he slept for fifteen(15) hours.
  Approximately Eighteen thousand bees can be found in a Honeycomb.

Did you know that The Eiffel Tower has 1665 steps.   ( Just Imagine.....haaa).

     African-type lungfish can live four years without water. If the drought occurs, it dug a pit and closed the rest with a mud around him and keeps the rest of the breathe. It hardens. When it rains it melt, the fish will be go into the water. 

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