17 April 2018

Hotel Bill Rs.50,000 Waiter Tip Rs.130,000 In Chicago Restaurant News


Hai Every One,  This is really crazy news because Hotel bill was Rs.50,000 rps but he given Tip was Rs.130,000 rps ... ohhhhh crazy naaa, why he has given to the sooo much of amount   actually what is the matter.  

     Let's We check the details.....
In America his name was MIKE, he went to a Boca Restaurant in Chicago with his family. He was verryy attracted and like the food (taste). First he is given 300 dollars TIP to the waiter. Then he went to the kitchen and handed out  100 dollars to each of the 17 staff members.
  He Paid Hotel Bill was 759 dollars ( Approximately Rs.50,000 rps) And Given to the TIP 2000 dollars (Approximately Rs.130,000 rps).
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