10 April 2018

Be Careful On Webcam Other Wise You Are Going To P.....N Sites !


 This is the case where cameras get into the bedroom. It is difficult to find out where and when the third eye is watching to our activities. Increasing P.......N  Market .. The  cyber criminals was target to.. Record for the innocent couple's bedroom scenes.

The police investigating cyber crimes recently invented a new topic.
 Be Careful On Webcam
Without the involvement of the couple, their bedroom scenes have been discovered how to reach P....N Sites. For this, cyber criminals have use  a weapon for the 'web cam'. Whether it's ON or Not .. they use technology to Record the bedroom scenes.

Attracted to free download
 Many of the 'free' download options appear to us when browsing the Internet. Many people are attracted and downloaded to be free.

 But they do not recognize  the malware virus comes along with the downloaded apps / songs / videos. As soon as the virus arrives, the computer will go under cyber criminals.

They can hack the webcam any time (cam is on or off )

Do not dismiss the web cam is not ON. If malware virus is stored on your computer .. It is possible that cyber criminals can turn it ON anywhere. So be careful on  'web cam'.

 What We Have To Do
1.web cam is on or off what ever it may be if your work is completed then cover the webcam ( use paper or anything)

2. Better to download antivirus software
3.Don't go for free download Apps,videos.....
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