18 March 2018

You Know About The Use Of Neem Tree ?


You know about the use of Neem tree ?

There are many uses of health and skin. Some villages neem will be called "Pharmacy of Villages". 
Because neem leaves, flowers.....etc  everything will be use...

  We Discourse About Some Main Uses of Neem
  •  There is a lot of "Vitamin C" in the Neem. These can be clear on skin block spots, use of glowing skin and best solution of skin allergies. 
  • Long-term skin problems Yakne, Dry skin, dandruff, psoriasis, herpes  it works well best solution of neem.
  •  Eye problems are cleared, skin lesions clear best solution and acne also i mean pimples problems.
  • Hair lose problem and neem leaves paste was applied to hair then bath. Result of strong hair and white hair does not come.
  • Destroy the insects in the stomach.
  • Useful of Malaria  solution. 
  • It contains  Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal...lot of there.
  • Mainly to use skin care medicines manufacture companies. 
                                                                                       I hope enjoy the article Thank you.

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