14 March 2018

Liva Q World's Smallest PC Released In India 2018


Elite Group Computer System (ECS) was introduced(launched)  to the world's smallest Windows based personal computer(PC) that means MINI-PC in INDIA. These can be called "LIVA Q".

Weight                                :  260 grms
Processor                           :  Intel Apollo Lake SOC
Ram                                    :  4 GB
Storage                               :  32/64 GB
External Storage               :  128 GB
Operating System(OS)     :  Windows 10
USB Ports                           : 2 ports
Bluetooth Support             : 4.1
HDMI                                   : 2.0

This small PC we can carry in pocket also very comfortable. It can be supported TV's also. These  device can connected with dual network options.
This MINI-PC Available from without OS 13500 rps. With OS (windows 10) 15500 rps.

Coming Soon in INDIA at available from E-COMMERCE Portals, and offline also.

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