27 March 2018

🌟 If You Drink Cold Water After Eating, You are in Danger !


Summer was came. Many people have already started drinking cold water. In hot hot sun effect, drinking the cool water that feel was amazing that we can't explain.

But you can drink cold water anytime in the day. But after eat meals, Ayurveda tells you do not to drink cold water. Yes, it is true you heard.
                                           Do not drink cold water immediately after lunch. Because ..

In our digestive tract we have a little more heat than our body temperature. Even so. Because it's so hot that the food we ate can be easily digested. The digestive tract is easier to digest, in our digestive tract that must be the minimum temperature. However, drinking the cold water during lunch or eating time reduce the temperature inside the digestive tract. It will be take a long time to digest the food we ate.

Stomach cells and nerves remain frozen until the temperature rises again in the digestive tract. That can be take at least 15-20 minutes to come to normal. This will stop our digestion. As a result, gas is formed in the gastrointestinal tract. Toxic substances are produced. So no one drinks cold water immediately after lunch.

You can drink water at room temperature. Or drink the normal warm water. It improves digestion. Drinking normal warm water also helps to get rid of the fat in the body and lose weight.

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