26 March 2018

Do You Know Why The Lamp is Placed at The Head When a Human Dies?


This is the reason behind that ..!
why the lamp lays off near head? When the human dies..

The lamp is the most sacred to the Hindus.
 Even when going to the temple and when worshiping god in house the lamp is lit before God.
If any of the Hindus die, the lamp is lit at the head
And the lamp will be taken care not to dry up.
why such powerful, lamp is placed near the head of the dead person
Have a Doubt ever been? lets find the reason..

It is said that lamp shows the path of salvation as it shows way in the dark when we are alive
However, our epics says that if the soul comes out from their Brahma's skull after their death,
 their soul will find the way of salvation.
 There are two ways to the soul salvation pathway.
One is the north, the second one is the southern way. south path is filled with darkness.

There will be light in the northern way.
The lamp outside the head leads soul to the north.
 However, the light of the lamp near the head helps soul to lead towards north
According to epics this is the reason behind placing lamp near the death person.

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